Breeze Bar

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Phu Quoc International Airside

About Breeze Bar

Have a cocktail with a friend and wait for your flight. There are so many options at Breeze Bar for you to enjoy. A Whisky Sour, Capirioska, Long Island Iced Tea, Larue, Strongbow Cider or Espresso, Macchiato, or Cappuccino? Our extensive cocktail, beer and coffee selection is unsurpassed. If you want something small to eat, try our croissant and muffin. Fresh/fried spring rolls are great, and if you prefer something salty, maybe BBQ pork baguettes, pizza, or tuna sandwiches are your choices. Our relaxed atmosphere stems not only from clear-cut portions, but also from soft sofas and warm colored interior design.

Whats on the menu?