June 30, 2018


BIG BOWL OPENS its 18th outlet at the new international terminal Cam Ranh Airport.

KHANH HOA PROVINCE (June 30th, 2018) – AutogrillVFS F&B Co. Ltd. are excited to announce the latest opening of their iconic phở-based restaurant, Big Bowl. This marks the 18th store nationally and will be situated at the new International Terminal of Cam Ranh Airport.

The new sites opening ceremony was elevated by the presence of Celebrity chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai who has worked the AutogrillVFS team for the past year to further enhance Big Bowl’s reputation and ensure the integrity of its local culinary heritage.

Strategically located at the check-in area of Terminal 2, the new Big Bowl features an open plan concept which creates a lively atmosphere and experience, reminiscent of Vietnam’s bustling street food stalls. With a stunning visual display of fresh local ingredients and the extensive use of natural timbers guests are instantly transport into the heart of Vietnamese culture.

“We are genuinely passionate in our attempts to inspire our guests about Vietnamese culture and see our innovative approach to traditional cuisine as an ideal medium,” said Mr. Simon Stansfield, Managing Director of food and beverage provider Autogrill VFS F&B.

“With its regional variations pho embodies the distinct influences of its location through fresh local ingredients that deliver a true taste of Vietnam. Big Bowl’s phở is well-received in the airport environments as they offer a fresh and convenient alternate to traditional fare. We have found that our diners enjoy the ability to personalize the taste through the addition of the traditional accompaniments and serves as the ideal nourishment before commencing their journey.”

Besides the delicate and delicious Pho noodle soup, Big Bowl offers other favorites such as Bun Bo Hue, an assortment of fresh spring rolls and seasonal specialties from across the country. Of course no meal would be complete without and accompanying beverage and Big Bowl has a full range including Vietnamese coffee, the ever popular fresh coconut and full assortment of water, juice and soft drinks.

“Thanks to our great local teams and strong relationships with our valued business partners, we look forward to strengthening Big Bowl’s presence further around this great country. This new opening has allowed us to provide even more Vietnamese choices for passenger, whether it be something they enjoy every day or their last taste of Vietnam.” said Mr. Stansfield.

Big Bowl’s Ambassador, Celebrity chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai was in attendance at the new Big Bowl for the grand opening ceremony.

The celebrity chef met customers on the day, talked about Vietnamese cuisine and offered tips and tricks to chefs at the outlet in the new terminal.

Customers were also able to see the celebrity chef in action as she stepped into the kitchen to serve up the best of Vietnamese favourites.

After becoming Big Bowl’s ambassador, Tinh Hai has added a few extra touches which are reflected in both the daily and seasonal menus. 

“Meticulously prepared to strict hygiene standards and with a well selected range of high quality local ingredients, these dishes are handcrafted with great dedication. Simply, that is why Big Bowl is delicious and well loved,” said Ms. Tinh Hai.

“Big Bowl’s mission is to make passengers on the go feel energized whether they’re Vietnamese or world travelers hunting for an authentic local experience. I am proud to take a part in spreading Vietnamese culture through traditional cuisine to the people of this region and indeed the world.”

Autogrill VFS F&B operates 18 Big Bowl outlets across all 5 major airports in Vietnam. The eatery first opened at Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2013.

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About Big Bowl

The ambience, service and cuisine of Big Bowl is focused on educating the customers about local food and Vietnamese eating culture in an innovative way. High-quality ingredients are used, inclusive of 100% Australian beef, while fresh vegetable and good hygiene materials win strict standards of Viet GAP, Global GAP and BRC&HACCP. Big Bowl maintains the traditional cooking methods of slow boiling bones over a 24 hour period before building the stock with an extensive array of herbs and spices all while maintaining the efficient service found in street stalls. Food is also produced “a la minute” ensuring the guests experience only the freshest food at all times.

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Autogrill VFS F&B Co. Ltd. is a joint-venture between Autogrill, the world’s largest provider of food, beverage and retail services for travelers and Vietnam Food & Beverage Services Company. Autogrill VFS F&B Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013 and offers unparalleled dining services at the major international airports throughout Vietnam. We are committed to make the travelers “Feeling Good On The Move” through providing outstanding customer service, a wide variety of quality food and beverage in stylish airport outlets that best present local favorites and our many internationally recognized brands.

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