May 12, 2023

“Come with you to school”- A day to give back

HANOI - A beautiful month of May was coloured by a charity journey filled with sunshine and love. Nearly 100 meaningful and practical gifts of Autogrill VFS Noi Bai were lovingly handed over to four preschools and primary schools in Phieng Ban Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La Province.


Phieng Ban Commune is a commune in zone III (a particularly difficult area) of Bac Yen District, Son La Province. It is located in the southeast of the district, with an average altitude of about 400-1,000 metres above sea level. The commune has 14 villages, which are inhabited by Tay, Thai, Muong, Dao and Mong ethnic minorities. People live mainly on agriculture and forestry. The whole commune has more than 80% of poor households, not to mention the near-poor households. The facilities for education are invested and built from the government’s education budget, or supported by benefactors, but most of them are degraded or damaged.


Autogrill VFS Noi Bai selected four schools to visit and give gifts on May 11, including Suoi Un Primary School (1 Grade 1 class with 8 pupils, 1 Grade 2 class with 8 pupils), Primary School Phieng Ban School (1 Grade 1 class with 19 pupils, 1 Grade 2 class with 7 pupils, 1 Grade 4 class with 16 pupils), Suoi Un Kindergarten (1 class with 13 kids), and Phieng Ban Kindergarten (1 class with 20 kids). All children are from ethnic minorities and under preferential treatment policy.


The team met, visited, encouraged and donated 01 Samsung 43” 4K TV to each primary school. We gave 58 gift packs to elementary school pupils, each pack includes: 10 notebooks, 1 pen, 1 ruler, 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 box of Choco-Pie cake, 2 packs of 4 Vinamilk 180ml fresh milk. In addition, our team gave 2 sets of plastic toys to the kindergartens and 33 gift packs to preschool kids, each pack included: 1 box of crayons, 4 coloring books, 1 box of modeling clay, 1 box of Choco-Pie cake, and 1 pack of 4 Vinamilk 180ml fresh milk. We also organized to serve a lunch for children and teachers at Suoi Un kindergarten and primary school.


The charity journey titled “Come with you to school”, is a meaningful and humane chapter in the Helping Hands 2023 series of activities of Autogrill VFS Noi Bai. This is also an activity that contributes to spreading the beautiful image of Autogrill VFS to the community in a positive way. In addition to successfully completing the mission providing excellent service and travel experience to travellers, we take priority on social responsibility in accordance with the responsibilities of the leading business in airport F&B industry in Vietnam.


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